Who needs a ZG Bed & Why you should sleep on a Crystal Gel Bed

ZG beds are different from all other beds, in that they use buoyancy lifting forces to support your body. This is a major scientific departure from old depression mattresses such as springs, foam or grid designs.

ZG-Gel Core and Crystal-Gel-Liquid

The ZG Bed is the most comforting and innovative bed in the market, ZG Crystals-Gel Liquid Core and the Sofelast Cover are a health and wellness solution that can help improve your quality of life. Not only will you sleep deeper and more restfully, but you will also be extremely comfortable. Combine the above benefits with ZG beds individually adjustable heating and cooling, you will never want to get out of bed. 

Zero Gravity

ZG beds are different from all other beds, in that they use buoyancy lifting forces to support your body. This is a major scientific departure from old depression mattresses such as springs, foam or grid designs. Similarly, a Helium-filled balloon floats upward because the density of helium in the balloon is lighter than the heavier denser air surrounding it.  The air pushes the balloon upward to create levitation. The Zero Gravity Bed uses a Crystal-Gel Liquid core  which is heavier than the human body to levitate the body. The beneficial result is no hurtful pressure points while still able maintaining a soothing and level support for the spine. The levitating experience is achieved due to a thin elastic membrane (Sofelast) that was developed to go between the body and ZG solution. The combination of ZG Crystal-Gel Liquid core with Sofelast Cover maximizes the levitation sensation and creates the perfect environment to quickly enter REM sleep. This is a life changer for great sleep and health.

Next Generation in Beds

In all human history, no group of people has had the quantity and quality of information as ours does. Modern research and new computer devices can tell us how well we are sleeping.  ZG Bed has been able to use this information to develop a perfect bed to optimize sleep.  From understanding the negative conditions that cause poor sleep and substantially hurt our health and mental clarity. ZG Bed was able to solve the big pain problems and cold or hot sweat conditions causing people to exit REM sleep.

  • High pressure areas like hips and shoulders, cause position change and thus the exit from REM sleep due to pain from cut-off blood flow.
  • Low pressure points or lack of support areas like the neck and lower back will force muscles to work hard to support the spine until exhausted. This causes cramping, disc compression and pinched nerves. These problems force exit from REM sleep.
  • Hot sweats or cold skin or body areas will cause a change in body positioning and the exit from REM sleep. (See details of temperature control importance for good sleep below)

ZG Beds is our generation’s answer to finally get into deep REM sleep for a long period of time as we levitate in sleep comfort.

Soft, Soft like a baby's skin

The Sofelast Cover is a scientific breakthrough in bed development, it is soft, elastic, hot and cold conducting. It is designed to mold around your body creating a cocoon of support. The Sofelast Cover provides a smooth frictionless advantage in sleeping.  .

No Pressure on Shoulders and Hips  

ZG Bed prevents the aches and pains that compression or depression beds cause. High-pressure areas like shoulders and hips when compressed cut off blood circulation. Without even body support the mind and muscles need to continually monitor and adjust to low- and high-pressure points.  Body turning is needed to stop “dead zones” where blood circulation is cut off. The ZG bed allows the hips and shoulders to sink deeply into the bed, preventing high-pressure points and allowing you to stay in one position all night long enabling deep REM sleep. 

Firm Lower Back and Neck Support

Low-pressure areas like the lower back and neck if not supported cause uneven spinal alignment and nerve damage. When a traditional bed reaches its maximum compression or depression levels, this is usually around 2 to 3 inches, a void of empty and non-supported space is left in the lower back and neck, muscles will need to work overtime to support low-pressure points. ZG Beds are the solution to such old problems of depression or compression beds. The upward force of the ZG Crystal-Gel Liquid core molds around the body and fills in all areas of the body with even support.

Perfect Temperature Control

Unlike a foam mattress, there is no trapped heat while on a ZG Bed, you control the thermostat to your personal comfort level from 60 degrees to 92 degrees.  The ZG Solution will regulate and keep a balanced heat, so optimal sleep is achieved. You feel a perfect temperature because the liquid is always regulating your skin temperature to the desired controlled temperature of the comfort setting.

 Understanding how ZG Beds are so effective is important, your body regulates changing hot and cold conditions using the hypothalamus. For example, when the body gets too hot, blood vessels are activated and dilate in the skin. This carries warm blood from the core of the body to the skin, where it hopes to lose heat by conduction, and evaporation. Unfortunately, in other beds sweat builds up between the body and mattress, this trapped sweat is unable to evaporate and cool the body.  In a ZG Bed the ZG Solution pulls excess heat from the skin during warm seasons or adds heat to the skin during cold seasons. The ideal skin temperature is 92 degrees Fahrenheit / 32 Celsius. This may seem hot but the thin flexible membrane of the bed will pull or bring heat to the body, allowing the mind to relax from doing regulating tasks. The perfect temperature enables peaceful sleep. The two-person temperature-controlled of the ZG bed has independent controls allowing for individual comfort settings.

  Motion or Movement Dampening

The ZG Bed has motion or wave suppression Gel-Fibers built into the ZG Gel-Fibers that retards movement, the fibers suppress motion waves from rebounding back and forth. ZG beds are not as motionless as some memory foam beds, but because of the ZG beds comfort and temperature control ability, overall motion in the bed will be much less than a memory foam bed. You and your partner will be able to stay in one position all night long, you will not be tossing and turning.

Great Investment

When considering all the ways to spend your money and the benefits derived from that money spent, there is no investment that will give a bigger benefit for dollars spent than a ZG Bed. A car will cost as much as $100,000.00  and last only 5 years. A ZG  Bed can cost as little as $2500.00 and last a lifetime. If the benefit to Cost is compared, you will see a good bed will provide health and wellness of body and mind that will help you create more money to buy the things you want. It would be wise to invest in your future with a ZG Bed.

Health Benefits

Overwhelmingly doctors agree the #1 problem in poor health is poor quantity and quality of sleep.

Example 1: The brain has no lymph node cleaning system to clean the blood and waste around the brain. A person must enter deep REM sleep to cleanse the brain cavity and allow the circulation of healthy nutrients to regenerate brain tissue and maintain brain health.

Example 2: The lack of sleep can raise insulin levels in the body by as much as 30 %, insulin is good at the right levels, but elevated levels of insulin are very destructive to healthy tissue in the body and brain.

Example 3:  Cell rejuvenation, such as rebuilding muscles can only happen while in a catatonic-like state of REM Sleep where the body is immobilized to make repairs. Only with a good restful sleep can your body make the repairs to optimize body performance. 

Faster and Better REM Sleep 

Rapid Eye Movement sleep (REM Sleep) or uninterrupted sleep is important and requires the body to stay in one position. ZG Beds support your body and let it stay motionless without pain, the mind is then allowed to stop regulating muscle activity and quickly enter REM sleep.  Without even body support the mind and muscles need to continually monitor and adjust to support low-pressure points and turn the body to stop dead zones where blood circulation is cut off because of high-pressure points. The mind also needs to monitor the spine and nervous system to prevent harm... With no movement on a ZG Bed, the mind can rest. As mentioned previously, automatic temperature control through the ZG Crystal-Gel Liquid core, allows the mind and body to stop regulating temperature and enter deep REM sleep and rest. Good sleep is dependent on having conditions stay constant as long as possible.

ZG Beds Long life and Dependability

The main feature of a ZG Bed is the ZGCrystal-Gel Liquid core  and its ability to always and forever flow to a level position. The ZG Bed sleeping area will NEVER sag or lose its shape, it will always give the same great support and have the perfect automatic level adjusting feature regardless of who and how big, small, or what shape the person is. The bed basin or tub is built like the bathtubs we have been building for 40 years, strong and unbreakable.  The new ZG Crystal-Gel Liquid core class of beds has changed the way beds are constructed, replacing perishable foam with imperishable ZG Crystal-Gel Liquid core , and replacing springs with a specially engineered durable basin.

Customer's questions about ZG Beds

Question: Will the ZG Crystal-Gel Liquid core  need to be replaced or changed from time to time?

Answer: No. Our proprietary ZG Crystal-Gel Liquid core that enables soft even support, has more salinity than ocean water. The ZG Beds have a sanitary closed bio-system, and our man-made environment is hostile to germs and bacteria. This environment never has contact with bodily flesh or fluids and will remain pure forever.

Question: So, are ZG Beds like water Beds?

Answer: NO. For three main reasons.

  • The ZG Crystal-Gel Liquid core is heavier than water alone, you are unable to sink as you do in a bathtub filled with water. Our technology provides a soft support experience and buoyancy that waterbeds cannot. The ZG Gel-Fiber construction gives motion suppression not found in waterbeds.
  • Our Sofelast Cover provides freedom of movement and keeps the spine in proper alignment. This invention is critical to maintaining correct body position. Waterbeds have a tight vinyl balloon that prohibits such freedom, and have a hammock effect, causing a bowed body and compression of the spinal discs and nerve damage. ZG Beds have been able to truly create a Zero Gravity sensation.
  • Our bed’s solid foundation is manufactured with the same technology our sister company uses to build the strongest bathtub in the world. Think of our beds as a big bathtub with enhancements. This foundation will never leak. Water beds only have a plastic vinyl liner between your home and disaster.

Question:  Can I put your bed on the second floor of my home?

Answer Yes. ZG Beds have less weight than many other things that are put in an upstairs room, for example, upstairs GYM equipment can be as much as 3,000 LB. We at ABF make a bathtub that is heavier than our 800 pound queen-size bed. A good guideline to follow is not to install our bed in a home more than 100 years old, but most home building codes require 40 lb per square foot load capacity construction on the second floor. (Usually with extra built-in safety margins) For a very small 10 X 10 room you could put 4,000 lb. in that room. We do make specialty beds that have more legs to distribute the weight over more points (the English Base). So if you are uncertain about the second floor load capacity it is best to be safe and order this kind of base configuration called the “English”, for example our ZG King size bed weighs 1000 lb., the English King base has 7 legs to help distribute the weigh over more points. (as a comparison: you might have a heavy cast-iron bathtub that weighs 1900lbs filled with water and it only has 4.

Question: is it hard to move your bed position in the room?

Answer: it is more difficult moving than a traditional bed, But not that hard. We recommend using large trash cans (2 X55 gallons, our queen bed uses 80 gallons ZG Crystal-Gel Liquid ). Using a small pump, pump out the solution into trash cans. Move the tank/bed, and refill.

Question: What is your ZG Crystal-Gel Liquid made of?

Answer: Our proprietary blend of ingredients that make up our ZG Crystal-Gel Liquid  are listed below, the ingredients are inert or non-reactive, with Sofelast Cover you are never in contact with the ZG Crystal-Gel Liquid.

ZG  Crystal-Gel Liquid 

Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) (MgSO4)
Sodium chloride (NaCl)
Thixotropic (C14H24O9)
Potassium iodide (Kl)
Copper sulfate (CuSo4)
Calcium chloride (CaCl2)
Sodium nitrate (NaNO3)
Calcium Oxide (CaO)
Aluminum Sulfate Al2(So4)
Water (H2O)