Is Your Bed Causing You PAIN?

Why do I go to bed feeling good and wakeup in PAIN?

Through ZG bed research, we have gained a profound understanding of and devised solutions for the issue at hand. Pain resulting from bed usage stems from two primary factors: inadequate support and excessive pressure. Firstly, insufficient support hinders the attainment of proper sleep posture and spinal alignment, emerging as the leading cause of neck and back pain. This dilemma may arise from an aged, sagging mattress or a new, excessively firm one, as both fail to provide the necessary support, resulting in a misaligned spine. Secondly, high-pressure points develop in the hip and shoulder regions due to a lack of conformability, particularly affecting side sleepers., No other mattress caters to both support and deep conformability simultaneously, the ZG Sleep System does both.

Achieving pain-free sleep hinges on having a properly calibrated bed. The ZG Bed is the ultimate solution, providing Tru-Zero Gravity Sleep. comforting support is the key, thanks to the Crystal-Gel Liquid core, which rapidly molds to your body's contours and positioning. Irrespective of your weight or dimensions, it ensures even support for your spine and induces a sense of weightlessness akin to Zero Gravity. Leading to profound relaxation of the muscles. This in turn, facilitates a peaceful rest and encourages deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, allowing your body and mind to embark on the rejuvenating and healing processes during slumber. Facilitating a balanced and uniform support system is vital when pregnant , injured or or recovering from surgery.

Of particular significance is the ZG Bed's exceptional ability to deeply conform to the contours of side sleepers. This groundbreaking feature revolutionizes sleep by relieving pressure on the shoulders and hips, transforming the experience of pain-free slumber. Moreover, resting on the ZG Bed creates a sensation of levitation or floating, freeing the mind from the burden of muscular and nervous system support, leading to faster and longer periods of REM sleep. Additionally, the ZG Bed's controlled temperature feature aids in reducing bed movement.

By combining all these elements, the ZG Bed ensures an unparalleled sleeping experience, delivering the utmost comfort and support available.

A Zero-Gravity Sleep System for every style preference !

When it comes to beds, many people mistake mere softness for comfort

True comfort requires a careful consideration and optimization of multiple factors. Temperature, coziness, conformability, orthopedic spinal support, plushness, edge support, sanitary and hypoallergenic features all play a critical role in creating a truly comforting sleep experience.

Enter the ZG Bed Zero-Gravity Sleep Systems– a technological marvel that optimizes all of these factors to create an unparalleled sleeping experience. The Zero-Gravity Sleep System is more than just a mattress or bed; it is a health and wellness solution that promises to improve your quality of life with deeper and more restful sleep.

Our team here at ZG Bed and I Richard Wheeler invented this revolutionary product. We developed the Zero-Gravity Sleep System to cure my shoulder pain, caused by expensive but poorly designed mattresses. I personally guarantee that the Zero-Gravity Sleep System will provide you with the most comfortable sleep you have ever experienced. Don't settle for anything less than the best- try a ZG Bed today and experience the ultimate in comfort, relaxation and pain free sleep.

On your side, back or stomach you get embracing, hugging, comforting support

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  • The best nights sleep

    Reguardless of your preferred sleep posiotion, back, side, or stomach, the ZG bed will be life changing.

  • Unveiled in Las Vegas

    Richard Wheeler introduced the ZG Bed to the furniture and bedding industry at the Las Vegas Winter market '23 with open arms.

  • Just right for everyone

    ZG Bed was developed from the ground and eliminates to need for firmess settings of additional support layers.

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My Personal Guarantee

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Richard Wheeler. I was once plagued by my wife's lower back pain, which led us on a journey to find the perfect bed for our needs. Unfortunately, our search was fraught with disappointment and frustration. We tried the Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze Firm, which only exacerbated our problems. Then, we turned to the King Koil Smartlife Lendall, which was marketed as a solution to our troubles, but realized that no one had yet developed a bed that truly solved people's problems.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. With over 40 years of experience creating therapy and ADA products, we focused our efforts on creating a bed that would alleviate pain and provide a restful, therapeutic experience for our customers. And thus, the Zero Gravity Sleep System was born.

Our ZG Sleep System is truly unique in its foundation of floating. Using materials never before seen in the bed industry and drawing upon our team's vast knowledge of manufacturing, we created a new class of bed that is unlike any other. The Sofelast cover, a flexible membrane that lies between you and the Fiber-Gel solution, conforms perfectly to your body, providing even support and relief in any position. And with our non-roll off edge and individually controlled temperature system, you can rest easy knowing that every aspect of your comfort has been taken into consideration.

I could go on for days about the benefits of the ZG Sleep System, but the proof is in the experience. I promise that you will feel the difference immediately. This is truly the best comforting Sleep System on the market, and I am confident that it will not only improve your sleep but also your overall health and quality of life.